Monday, January 23, 2006

The first day of school

Today was one of those days that you remember. For one thing, it was the first day of school for 2006. This meant the house was going to be free of the two older boys, and that once 8:00am hit, Aidan would be out of the house for the day. It also was Ethan's first day of school. In Queensland, there was no "prep" or preporatory year like in some of the other States. This meant it would be the first time he was going to Big School, and he will be away all five days of the week.

Everyone in our household was excited. Anth was excited because it meant that she wouldn't have to spend the entire day trying to find ways to amuse the kids, as she had done over the school holidays. It also meant that when the appendage, A.k.a., the Baby, decided he wanted to have a sleep, she could put him down without fear of the other two rapidly awakening him. The kids were excited as they knew that they were going to get a break from us. I was excited in that I would get a break from hearing about how painful the kids were, being home all day!

However, most of the excitement for today centred on Ethan's first day of school. After Aidan was off on his school bus, we were able to focus our attention on getting Ethan ready for school. Aidan's first day was somewhat different to Ethan's. In Ethan's case, as he was going to the local State School there were a lot more people, a lot more parents than I thought there would be, and a lot more kids! Everyone was running around with school bags and school materials. Ethan was really well behaved, and there were no tears - he was just happy to be there.

At the end of the day when I rang him to see how he went, he thought it was great. They got to have play time, then he got to eat his lunch, and then they got to play in the park and had the Humpty Dumpty story read to them. What more could you ask for? Overall, I'm glad he enjoyed himself. One more milestone ticked off on the list!

Ciao for Now, Angry Dad.


Blogger Cheeky said...

He looks so happy to go to school. This morning Toby wakes up and says..."can I skip school today". Now don't get me wrong, he loves school and does well, he had just stayed up too late the night before and was finding it hard to leave the warmth of his bed (can't say I blame him there).

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