Sunday, August 20, 2006

Farm Visit

After last night's diatribe, it was nice to go out today to a party and see lots of parents behaving in the way you'd like people to behave. One of the kids from Aidan's Special School had his birthday party at Trevena Glen Farm. This is an operating farm outside of Brisbane, and is set up for Farm Stay, School visits and functions. The staff were excellent, with a range of activities with the animals, including pony rides, time with the cows, sheep and pigs, feeding the lambs, and even a tractor hay ride!

Ethan had a separate party to go to, and Anth had the opportunity to go to the football, so it was just Callum, Aidan and I. The mistake I made with Aidan was not giving him breakfast, due to his insistence that he was going to have "lollies at the party" and wouldn't eat anything. Of course, after we arrived, he began telling everyone "I'm Starving." Here is where my belief in people was raised. A father of the family that was doing the home stay rushed back to their room, and got a range of snacks for Aidan to eat. At first I had thought he was part of our party, but then Linda, the host, told me that he wasn't with our group at all. Just a really nice guy! On top of that, all the kids, whether special needs or not, played and enjoyed the farm animals immensely. Even Callum got into the feeding the lambs act.

When we finally sat down for the party, Aidan began to get a bit over-revved. Within easy reach were every type of lolly, so he helped himself to a full smorgasboard. How do you tell a kid at a party not to eat lollies? A shame he didn't touch his sausage in a roll, but I got to eat it instead! Aidan did try to stick his fingers in the cake, but got caught out pretty quick. Special needs parents do have a quick draw with their kids! Ultimately, he still got his cake, and Callum got to munch on a piece of cake too.

Ciao for Now, Farm Hand Angry Dad.


Blogger carrie said...

What a cool party! And who could blame Aidan for wanting the lollies? I would've been right there salivating over them myself!


3:39 am  

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