Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The Royal Queensland Show, otherwise known as the Ekka, is on this week. It would be analogous to a State Fair, although it gets its name "Ekka" from Aussie Slang for Exhibition. The main function is to bring the agricultural elements of the country to the City, so there are lots of animals and great food to sample, as well as demonstrations from lots of far flung cultures and traditions. On top of that, there's all the commercial stuff: show rides like the Ghost Train, or Ethan's favourite The Jumping Castle; as well as Showbags, with samples of lots and lots of stuff (mainly chocolate or toys).

Today was People's Day, which conveniently meant a public holiday for us drones who work 9 to 5. Ethan and I went, along with most of the rest of the population of Brisbane, so we squeezed ourselves through the crowds and had an enjoyable afternoon and evening. It wasn't that crowded, and we got to go on some rides, watch animals do their thing, buy lots of sugary treats (MMMmmm Ice Cream) and sit and watch the evening entertainment. This included motorcross, stockmen, horse-riding, bison rustling, car racing, human cannonball and all topped off with fireworks. Ethan was wrapped.

When I was a kid I used to love that Mum used to take us to the show. We always looked at all the stuff, and Mum being a country girl at heart used to show us all the animals. I try to do the same with our kids when we go. Although I love all the thrill rides, Ethan is still too young to go on the Zipper, but we did get to go on the Chairlift. Of course, as I'm scared of heights, I was petrified he was going to slip out as he excitedly lurched from one side to the other pointing out all the things he could see. By the way, I'm scared of heights when I'm not strapped in! All in all, a good day.

Ciao for Now, Ekka'd Out Angry Dad.


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That sounds so fun. we just went to our county fair. Sounds very similar. Glad you had a good time and a day off.

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Blogger Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

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