Monday, January 09, 2006

Crying Baby

I'm not sure what it is about babies, but sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are sad. This often occurs within the space of minutes. I'm having a slight issue at the moment. Here is a picture of happy baby. Well, in this case he's not that happy, but at least he's not screaming. Maybe he's a bit interested in what's going on around him. Maybe he's just noticed his father coming at him with a camera.

Now, here's the same baby after he has realised that it is his dad taking the photo. Note the angst. Note the pursed lips. Note the pensive eyes, and that "I'm just about to scream, so you better get away from me" face.

Gentle reader, I'm not sure what it is about this particular baby, but he sure is picky. At three months old, he's quite active and aware of his surroundings. He's also a bit of a mummy's boy, and spends a lot of time on the hip. That said, when he does eventually get passed over to me, it is not much that takes him from moving from Happy Callum to Sad Callum. My current beef is that I can't even sit back on the couch. I have to perch my big behind right at the edge of the couch, just so he pivots on the edge, and that seems to keep him happy. If I move back into the couch, the tears start. I've tried to break this habit repeatedly over the past month, to no avail. I'm not quite sure what to do in this instance, so any advice would be appreciated.

Ciao for Now, puzzled Angry Dad.


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