Sunday, February 26, 2006

At the Beach

Today we took the trip up to Noosa to visit the grandparents. The kids love this. Ostensibly, this also served as a means by which Anth and I could go out and have a late Anniversary lunch. We went out to a Mexican restaurant, Montezumas, whilst my Mum looked after the kids. It was great.

After that, Grandma and I took the two eldest boys down to Noosa Beach. It was late afternoon, but the beach was still pretty busy. As I took the camera I made sure I got a few shots. We generally take down a bag full of sand manipulation utensils (read buckets and spades) and today's speciality, led by Grandma, was to make volcanoes. This meant that we had to make trips down to the water's edge to get our volcano lava.

Aidan also did his trick of making sure that he visited as many people on the beach he could. He does have this unique habit of finding the hottest babe on the beach, and approaching her. As much as I admire this quality, it can be quite embarrassing when I have to go up and drag him away. Today's babe was a woman who pretty much only had a belt on for a bikini. Fortunately for me this time I just got to watch on whilst Grandma went and did the child retrieval. Sorry, but as much as I'm a pervert, I'm not going to take pictures of my boy doing this!

Ethan is going through a phase of "posing" for each of his shots, so he tends to be pointing at something or pulling faces when you take the shot. Of course, this means you have to pull a face when he takes your photo. So here's me. Enjoy.

Ciao for Now, Face Pulling Angry Dad.


Blogger Chocolate makes it better said...

gotta love those belt bikinie's.

Sounds like a great weekend my friend!

8:08 am  

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