Friday, February 17, 2006


Friday nights are usually take away nights. This evening, instead of the usual fish and chips, I decided to get Chinese. I rang it in on the way home from work, and picked it up around 6:20pm. This allowed me to have it ready for the table as I walked in at 6:30pm. I know this doesn't sound that important, but it was the first time this week when we've actually had dinner at a normal time of the evening. Most of this week has been influenced by other activities, causing slippage to the normal meal time.

As we sat down to dinner, Anth said "Callum has been talking a lot today".

"Uh Hum" I responded, shovelling rice and crispy skin chicken into my gob.

"Yeah. I carry him around for 20 hours of the day, and guess what he says when he starts talking?"

"MyDunno?" (translation "I don't know?")

"He says 'Daddy'!"

"Yemriteshooreduz!" (translation "Yeah, right. Sure he does.")

With that, Callum started babbling. I looked over at him. He looked straight at me and said "Daddy". What a brilliant child.

Ciao for Now, Proud (un)Angry Dad.


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That is the cutest picture!

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