Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Ethan!

It is Ethan's 7th Birthday today. Unfortunately, I'm not there to sing Happy Birthday to him, although I recorded my voice and sent him an e-mail with me singing it to him! Hopefully that's a little bit of a substitute for not being around. I was going through some of my photo's of the family I keep on my computer, and this one tickled my fancy, so I thought I'd add it here as well.

I rang Ethan earlier to see how his day had been going. He'd been at school for the day, but he was full of excitement. As one of his presents, he had gotten a "watch it grow Alien". The basic premise is that you throw it in water, and over a 12 hour period an Alien gets hatched and grows into, well, an Alien! He had opened it up with Anth just before I rang, so he really didn't want to talk to me!!

He got a number of other toys, and was even excited that Grandma had sent both he and Aidan presents. He did manage to also tell me that he got some Lego, and some Star Wars transformers, and that he had soooo many awesome presents. Then he hung up on me in his haste to get back to the Alien! I rang back, and spoke to Anth for a while, but there was a lot of activity going on there so I only got a quick phone call in the end. I'm glad I still got to talk to and hear all of them!

Ciao for Now, Wishing He Was There Angry Dad.


Blogger Kristin said...

Awww... happy birthday, Ethan!!

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