Sunday, October 01, 2006

Trip Pictures

I'm pretty shagged from 3 days of Boy's Weekend, and having driven a collective 20 hours and almost 2,000km (1,200 miles) in that time. This is a picture of the place we stayed in Millfield. It is a converted church hall. I'm not going to write much today, as I only got home an hour ago, and I still can't think straight!

This is the view of the hall from the back. It has been extensively renovated so that the inside is now a livable house space, with huge ceilings and polished floorboards, and all the necessary modern conveniences. The deck was added out the back to make use of the views. They even got a woodfired oven built into the design, so we had home made pizzas one evening!

And this is part of the view they have each morning. This is just one "pane" of the full vista. The hall is ringed by the hills surrounding the Hunter Valley. Magnificent!

Ciao for Now, Totally Shagged Angry Dad.


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Wow, that sounds wonderful!!

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