Saturday, December 30, 2006

Go Kart

How cool is this! My nephew Christopher got a Go Kart for Christmas. As Uncle Andrew lives on a nice big block of land, he is able to ride it all over their yard. He's already set up a track which loops around the main house and the guest house, and covers most of the back yard. We went up to Noosa again today to do a Christmas visit to my brother's family, and this is what welcomed us. Ethan was wrapped, and fortunately he got to have a go too!

Chris seemed quite happy to have us there. He even let his uncle have a go. It didn't quite go as well up hill as I would have hoped, but once I got it on the down hill run, I was able to power slide it around the bottom half of the yard. I even took it around the house, and once it got off the grass onto the bitumen, it showed its extra bite. Quite scary, but also a hell of a lot of fun.

We had to face over a two and a half hour drive to get up to Noosa today, which was twice as long as normal. It seemed everyone in Brisbane was going North. We therefore didn't stay too long at Uncle Andrew's, enough to say Hi, eat a sandwich and some cake, and then nick off. As our kids were being their loud, annoying and destructive selves this was probably not such a bad thing. We also had to fit in a quick trip to see Grandma again for Aidan's benefit. So most of today was spent travelling or visiting in a rush.

Ciao for Now, Lets Go Karting Angry Dad.


Blogger carrie said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Happy New Year!


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