Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

In true Aussie style, it was hot on Christmas Day where we live. Not stifling hot like it has been, but hot enough that we went for a swim this afternoon to cool down. We were fortunate that only one of our boys was up early this morning, so we made him wait for the other boys to get up before we got into the presents. This gave us an extra 2 hours sleep in from 5:00am, but made for a cranky Ethan most of the latter part of the day! We ripped into the presents from Santa almost straight away, with Callum the first who had to be placated. As you can see, he liked his shiny new wheelbarrow.

Ethan probably struck the most booty. He got a digital camera, amongst other things, as well as a number of new games and toys. Aidan had only one thing on his mind for the past month. His two favourite television celebrities are Jamie Oliver and Bert Newton. In particular, with Bert he has been telling all and sundry that for Christmas he was getting a Bert Newton DVD. Imagine my surprise when whilst shopping I actually found one, and could let Santa know that it was available. He therefore got DVD's of both of his heroes, and was happy for all of 30 minutes.

Anth and I were happy to get a sleep in. She got a massage iCush for Christmas, which we've all had a turn on. Its like a massage chair with speakers. As you can see, I got something for my lower mandible, also known as the chin, also known as my hairy fatty fat fat face. Christmas is a time for not shaving, so I haven't tried it out yet. I also got a biography on Ricky Gervais, who is a particularly talented comedian I like! All in all, a bloody good Christmas. Cheers!

Ciao for Now, Fatty Fat Fat Fat Angry Dad.


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