Friday, December 22, 2006

Aidan and Beefy are home

Aidan got back from camp today, and after the drama of dropping him off, I'm happy to report that all the staff members considered him wonderful. There were apparently no tears, and other than a few minor calls for "Daddy" (Why, I'll never know, considering its Mummy who does everything for him) he did not cause any problems. They even commented that for a skinny little boy, he eats like a horse. He came home full of stories and excitement about going to camp. That said, he still wanted to be sure that he was staying home with Mummy and Callum, and not at camp, for the next few days at least!

We also had a new addition to our family. I rang the vet this morning, and there was still no one who had come forward to claim the budgie we found last weekend. Ethan still wanted him, so we agreed with the vet that we'd go down and pick him up. Yes, he is a boy. We then had to organise a cage, and fortunately Katrina and Graham had their currently unused cage available. After a trip over to see them, and a trip up to the pet store we were ready to go.

I took Aidan and Ethan with me to the vet. This proved very interesting with Aidan. Aidan has a crush on Bert Newton. He thought that when we were going to the vet to get the bird, we were actually going to get Bert. You can imagine his anguish when rather than the much loved Australian TV personality coming out to see him, there was this little golden green bird. He freaked out, but fortunately I was able to get him, Ethan, and the bird out to the car without too many people noticing. We got the bird home. I wanted to call him "Bert", but Ethan has won out, and our new birds name is Beefy.

Ciao for Now, Bird Boy Angry Dad.


Blogger Grim Reality Girl said...

BEEFY???? Coffee shot out my nose when I read that. It was unexpected. Congratulations on the new family pet! Pretty colors!

5:27 am  
Blogger Jodi said...

What a pertty birdie. However, where in the world did you come with the name Beefy? hmmmm...I like the other name better....

4:18 pm  

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