Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ethan, Taekwondo and a Snake!

As Ethan was sick on Monday, he didn't get to find out if he'd made it to his next level at Taekwondo. Last Saturday we both did our grading. I unfortunately didn't get to see him do his grading, as I was doing my warmup for mine outside. Note that this wasn't through choice, you basically get taken aside as a group. After he was done, I asked him how he thought he had gone. He was non-committal, but did say that the main examiner had told him he was doing the wrong pattern. Like all kids, he then clammed up, and wanted to tell me about how sunny it was. Over the weekend neither Anth or I could get any real indication of how he thought he had gone, and the angst was only added when he was sick on Monday!

So we came to this evening, and we got the result. No faults were recorded at all on his grading form, and he now has a yellow belt with a green strip! He was so proud of himself again when he got to go up and get presented to our branch instructor, Warren. He got his grading details back, as well as the new addition to his belt. Now all we have to do is teach him his new pattern.

On top of all this excitement, Instructor Warren had also brought in his pet snake for the kids to have a look at. It is a black headed python, but was incredibly sedate. At first, Ethan was happy just to watch the other kids, but then he jumped in to give it a pat. Then he was asked if he wanted to try to hold it, and he did that as well. No wonder later on he commented that it was one of the best days he had ever had!

Ciao for Now, Snake Boy's Dad Angry Dad.


Blogger carrie said...

Woo-Hoo for the yellow belt! I wonder if the color order of the belts is the same as in our taekwondo academy? McRae went from white to yellow to that the same as over there?


4:50 pm  

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