Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

We're spending Christmas around home this year. Today we had two local functions on. We had morning tea this morning at Anth's friend Sharon's house. Its great to have friends who are cooks, and we had delicious scones, jam and cream. They then tried to sell me their piano! I just played it instead, badly. I know how to play "Jingle Bells".

Most of the afternoon was spent preparing for our Christmas Eve meal with Graham and Katrina. Amongst other things, Anth makes a spectacular chocolate cake, which takes 2 hours to bake, and is covered in about 6 layers of chocolate. MMMmmm Chocolate. You can see here how we're introducing Callum into the delights of licking the spoon from an early age. Aidan sugared himself up by getting into the act as well. From about 2:00pm it was like he was on speed through to about 9:00pm. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight for Santa.

Come late afternoon, after the kids had been in for a swim, we started serving up dinner. We had ham and chicken, with a wide selection of roast vegetables. It was delicious. After dinner we did a walk around the suburbs to look at Christmas lights, and then it was back home for the cake. With four adults and four children we hardly made a dent in it. Looks like its chocolate cake for the rest of the week.

Ciao for Now, Christmassy Angry Dad.


Blogger Cheeky said...

MMMMMmmmmm Chocolate Cake! I couldn't help but notice the summer wear.....nope not here - brrrr its chilly but the snow has almost melted away.

Merry Christmas my friend!!! I hope Santa is good to you

11:24 am  

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