Thursday, April 27, 2006

Heart Attacks

Ethan had soccer training last night and I got into trouble firstly because we were late, secondly because he didn't know what they were practicing when we arrived, and thirdly because I left his drink bottle in the car. Each of these events resulted in tears. The coach, bless her, is extremely positive, and for each of the kids always has something encouraging to say. Lets just say by the time of the drink incident, I wanted to throttle the boy, but she managed to keep me sane.

At about half way through practice, the coach told each of the kids they could rest and have a drink. Of course, I hadn't gone back to the car and got Ethan's drink. At the site of all the other kids drinking, Ethan burst into tears.

"You didn't get me my drink. Waaah"
"I know. Its in the car."
"But I'm thirsty. Waaah"
"Well, you'll just have to wait until we've finished. Then you can have it."
"But I need it now. I'm so thirsty. Waaah"
"You have to wait. What are you doing?"
(At this point Ethan had collapsed to the ground.)
"I'm having a heart attack. You're making me die. Waaah"

Just then, the coach came over to find out what was going on. This was at about the time I wanted to pick him up by the scruff of the neck and drag him to the car.

"What's wrong Ethan?"
"I'm dying. I'm having a heart attack. Daddy won't get me a drink. Waaaah"
"You can have one once we finished the game. Come on. Get up. You're on the green team. Do you know who the Hulk is?"
"Sniff. Yes..."
"Ok, so get up and show me your Hulk moves!"

With that, the little bugger was up, and did his best Hulk Hogan impersonation whilst making the Hulk growl at the coach, along with the other kids. Heart Attack was forgotten. Why do our beloved kids do this?

Ciao for Now, Coronary Angry Dad.


Blogger Cheeky said...

Why is it that kids will act so bad for their parents but will do anything for someone else? My son does this all the time. It is a battle of the wills - most of the time I win - but there are times he just beats me down.

12:05 am  
Blogger jennster said...

LMFAO @ all the wahhhhhh's.. and i am lmfao at the i'm dying and having a heart attack! BWAHAHHAHAHA

3:58 am  
Blogger Chocolate makes it better said...

heart attack?

You gotta get that kid off those cubans!

Kayla Bear is like that....waaahhhh waaah......

"oohh look over here's a butterfly sticker"

"ohhhh.....pretty sticka"

1:29 pm  
Blogger Jodi said...

That is CLASSIC. When my kids pull something like that I don't know if I should laugh or throttle them. Usually I just hand them over to my husband and say YOUR kids are a bunch of little smart asses, just like thier DAD. :)

11:19 am  

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