Monday, December 26, 2005

Yep, its Christmas...

Dear Reader,

Hmmm, well its that time of the year for contemplation, and for thinking about what you're going to do for the next year. I've had this zany, wacky, idea that I should run a Blog of my exploits as an angry dad. Of course, when I told my wife about this, and the technology to do it, she responded with "So you're going to write a diary?" I guess I could of written a journal, but this just seems so much more public, so why not, I say.
This way, I can vent my spleen, and let everyone know of my exploits as an angry father. Here's a nice one to start with. Imagine its the Boxing Day holiday, and you're lovely son has decided to throw a tantrum at the Dinner table - with your Mother and Father having just prepared a delicious meal. So, picture this - gentle reader - as your humble writer, Angry Dad, finally can't take it any more and throws a wobbly - trying to get the tantrum throwing son as far away from the table as possible by taking him to one of the bedrooms.
Tantrum then gets worse.
Parents look on in disgust at their son who can't control his temper.
Wife just nods knowingly.
Other children are suprisingly quiet.
Ah, the joys of Christmas.

Well, if this is the kind of harsh reality literature you enjoy reading, then follow the exploits of this particular angry dad over the coming year, where the plan is to put out a post or anecdote every day for a year, and see what I can come up with.

Oh by the way, for any other Angry Dads out there. Tough. I'm getting in with this one so live with it.

Yours, Angry Dad.