Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year, and That's All Folks!

This is it, its New Years Eve and I've been typing up my final post! I thought I'd summarise the year of Blog posts I've made, although there is much finer reading by going through the archive sets.

Well, that's if from this particular Angry Dad for a Year in the Life Of experiment. I've enjoyed doing it, and hope this can be around long enough for me to get a complete copy for my kids prosperity. Thanks to all those who read, commented and offered advice throughout the year. Your reveiwing and reading generosity has been muchly appreciated.

Ciao for Now, Finished Angry Dad.

P.S. I haven't gone completely, I'm going to attempt a new blog called I Love Brisbane. Check it out!


Blogger Undercover Angel said...

Wow! I had no idea that Angry Dad was an experiment. I'm really going to miss this blog.

I wish you and your family the very best in 2007 and I look forward to visiting your new blog!

4:52 am  
Blogger Grim Reality Girl said...

Angry Dad! I'm angry it is ending! I'm also angry that I didn't discover your blog sooner. I'm glad you are starting another one... but your Angry Dad voice will be missed! Happy New Year! May 2007 bring you many blessings!!!!

1:09 pm  
Blogger Cheeky said...

Yeah, Like I was gonna let you stop blogging....nice try...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

4:42 pm  
Blogger onetallmomma said...

I'll miss you. Thank you for the laughs and I am wishing you a wonderful year. Ashley

2:07 am  
Blogger Jenn said...

Wait wait wait, YOUR LEAVING?????
oh....ok, your not leaving....YOUR LUCKY!!!!

*goes to check out new blog*

p.s. Happy New Year!

4:43 am  
Blogger carrie said...

Thank you for sharing your family and stories this past year!! I have enjoyed reading your take on life and learning all about Australia in the meantime! Looking forward to seeing you at your new spot!

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!


5:43 am  
Blogger Kristin said...

If it wasn't for that P.S., I would be really bummed!

Happy New Year!

8:51 am  
Blogger Chocolate makes it better said... can't just leave us hanging like this!!

My rss reader is hungry and it needs more posts.

Hey, I love brisbane too.....and all this rain we have had in the past few days rocks.....except those three days after Xmas.....i went a bit stir crazy cause I was on holidays and stuck in the house and couldn't blog because we made a no computers rule!

8:56 am  
Blogger mollymcmommy said...

i'm angry too its ending, angry i say! LOL!

for sure i will check you out, you're hot so i'll be following you to your new blog! :)


12:25 pm  
Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

so long, farewell and all that, Angry Dad!

Enjoy your new blog, and thanks for this one.


5:29 pm  
Blogger Amy said...

I've had fun reading about your year. You really shouldn't have ended your blog though, as the "this is life" type of thing tends to get pretty popular. :-)

I am concerned about something, though. It appears that through the whole year you wore only one shirt (the green one). I am worried that maybe this is the only shirt you own!?! Hmmm, maybe next Christmas your wife will get you a new t-shirt. ;-)

4:39 am  
Blogger jennster said...

i am mad at you.. wher eis angry dad 2007 dammit? LOL

2:15 am  

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