Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wednesday on Thursday

Wednesday is our German Shepherd. She is now 12 years old, and has been part of our family for many years, although in a decreased capacity as the years role on. Wednesday is what we would classify as our "first" child, the one you have when you don't have kids.

She was born, to our best recollection, on January 12th 1994, and we picked her up just after we got married at the end of February. She was a bit of the runt of the litter, but she was cute and affectionate, and quickly became the surrogate child. She was named not because of the day we got her (a Wednesday), nor for the day she was born (a Wednesday), but for Wednesday Addams, from The Addams Family. This was largely because she always was up to mischief.

Foolishly, we let her stay in the house, so as the kids came along, and she was meant to move from an inside dog to an outside dog, that's where things got difficult. After Aidan, we also believe she had a significant fright, possibly from a Garbage truck, because she went from being reasonably ok about being outside, to being obsessive about getting inside or escaping the house. Over the years this trait has continued, to the point where she is no longer welcome at Grandmas because of the destruction she's caused there. (Think 6 floor to ceiling outdoor window frames during a storm).

Both elder kids have grown up with her. Aidan is largely oblivious, but Ethan at times has treated her as his horse, and now is quite happy to drag her wherever he thinks that she should be. However, as she is getting older, she still tries to do some of the things she had done as a puppy, but her body just isn't in it anymore. She is having problems with her hips, and is practicing selective hearing. She also stinks a lot more, and weekly washes are only just covering up the smell. But we still love her.

I think its a great idea for kids to grow up with a dog. They get to see there father yell at the dog rather than yelling at them. They also get to see there father gripe about picking up dog turds when he has to mow the lawn, or out of the garage when she deposits in there. They also get to have a pet who doesn't question them, who will always be happy to see them, and who will always bound around them when its time for a feed.

Ciao for Now, Wednesday's Angry Dad.


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