Saturday, September 02, 2006

Art, Wine and Cheese Night

I don't normally miss a daily blog post, but tonight I've gone over time. So officially this is a post for Friday the 1st September, although its now 12:30am and we're into the 2nd. There's a good reason for this. Tonight, Anth and I went to an Art, Wine and Cheese Night. The great thing about tonight was it was for Aidan's Special School as a fundraiser, and on top of that, Anth was one of the main organisers. They weren't really sure how successful a night it was going to be, but with over 100 attendees and a lot of furious bidding on the artwork, it was the most successful fundraiser run at the school! Anth and the other Mum's (5 in all) who did the bulk of the organisation should be justifiably proud.

Each of the kids school rooms did a main picture, like the one above from Aidan's room. Each painting also came with a story. Individually each kid also did a painting which they could claim as their own. On the night, they had an auction for each of the room paintings, and some of them were quite spectacular. Some were more abstract than others, with the highest bidded painting going for $500. This was way above expectations, as the average price they budgeted for the paintings was $25. Most went for over $100, although I believe the average was up around $150. The great thing about this is that as a successful fundraiser, the funds go into more equipment for the special school.

I'm not a huge fan of some of the fundraiser things we get sent home. I loathe having to sell raffle tickets, and if I see one more box of fundraiser chocolates I'll choke on a chocolate bar. But in this instance, it was different, it was fun, and for those who managed to have the highest bids on paintings, they came away with a definite sense of worth with what they'd got, and the knowledge they were helping a great cause. A great night.

Ciao for Now, So Proud of his Charity Wife Angry Dad.


Blogger mollymcmommy said...

that is VERY cool, i likey! :)

we start school here on tuesday and boy i can't wait for raffle tickets, pledges and just general selling, selling and selling.

great idea, when the kids start school just ask all for a lump sum donation then thats it for the year....i would do that gladly not to sell any raffle tickets and gather up pledges.


9:06 am  
Blogger Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Excellent. Parents get a night out for a good cause. Go Anth!


9:41 am  
Blogger Tenya said...

Hey Wez,
Love the blogs, i need to check in more often. Had a good conversation with Anth. Off to Disneyworld for 3 days tomorrow. Baby is named Lotus.



1:15 pm  

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