Monday, May 29, 2006

Leaving, on a jet plane

This morning I get on a plane from Brisbane, Australia, and over the course of the next 20 hours or so I fly more than 15,000km to Tampa, Florida in the U.S.A. It's a bloody long way! I am going there for work.

Last night, Anth asked if I was going to stay up late so that I adjusted my body clock to the potentially new time. I didn't plan to, but in the end I did. I'm the type of person who leaves things until the last minute. Why do today what you can stress about in the final stretch tomorrow? So last night at around 10:00pm I started packing, and at around 2:00am I was still doing things like paying online bills.

This, of course, was interspersed with online poker games, searching for meaningless trivia on the net, and reading other peoples blogs. I have no one to blame but myself, but I think I have everything I need.

I was woken up by Callum punching me awake in the head at around 6:30am. He's the best alarm clock money can't buy. So today I'm off like a piece of mouldy cheese, and hopefully tomorrow I can get Net connections to continue on with the journalled life of an Angry Dad!

Ciao for Now, Travellin' Angry Dad.


Anonymous pea said...

Have a safe trip!

11:44 am  
Blogger mollymcmommy said...

have a safe trip! do NoT forget to bring back presents!

my kids are my best alarm clock too. i don't know when the last time was i ever slept completly through the night or slept in! LOL!


1:00 pm  
Blogger jennster said...

have a safe trip! hope it's awesome.. even though it's for work!

1:28 pm  
Blogger Los said...

I hate alarm clocks - a college roommate had the Rock and Roll Chicken alarm clock. It basically played an annoying song, and the chicken would say "Wow! Yeah! Hey Baby wake up. C'mon and Dance With Me" over and over and over and over again. I wanted to punch my roommate's throat on a daily basis back then.

1:07 am  

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