Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Where do you want to sleep tonight?

Kids have a wonderful ability to be able to sleep anywhere. Not me! Well, that said, when I'm sitting in a boring work meeting I'm sure that I could nod off there and then. I've always wanted to do the George Costanza thing and set up a nap space under my cubicle (See the Episode The Nap). More than likely I wouldn't be missed!

Last night, Ethan decided that rather than sleeping in his bed, he would sleep in the hallway. He had some misguided belief that he'd be safer there, and that the hall light would protect him. Anth and I ignored his initial request, but of course half and hour after he'd gone to bed, when we went and checked on him, there he was, asleep on the floor in the hall. He had made one concession, taking his pillow with him.

Extending their sleep ability, both elder kids have a knack of falling asleep in the car, although Ethan does it more readily than Aidan. You know when Ethan's going to nod off because he goes quiet, starts the rotating hair twirl with a finger, and sticks his thumb in his mouth. Within five minutes he's usually out like a light.

Aidan, on the other hand, tends to take a lot longer. He is happy to sit up and just stare out the window, or tell you the story of how he's "In the Car!" But when he goes to sleep, he does it in style. Take for example this picture, where he looks like he's about to pimp his ride, hooded jacket and hand on crutch. If we only had wrapped him in Bling he would have really had it down.

Callum, still being a baby, can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. His preference though, is to be as The Appendage, which means that he's most likely to fall asleep on your shoulder!

Ciao for Now, Kippy Angry Dad.


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